Friday, February 03, 2006

My two cents on the Rumsfeld toon

The evidence is mounting up...we're headed into Uber Righteous Land, a land where people only speak when spoken to, and political humor is restricted to light chuckling about the President's drawl.

The Washington Post Cartoon by Tom Toles was policital satire at it's most searing, and instead of rising to the statement made by it, we get a bunch of rediculous self-righteous indignation about the tastelesness of it.

NEWS FLASH, people: Political Cartoons are supposed to be tasteless. They're supposed to be ruffling. There written to make strong statements about what's going wrong in politics. This isn't your sweet grandmother's tea party, this is the effin' USA.

NEWS FLASH 2: The joke was on Donald Rumsfeld and the lackings of the Military leadership, NOT brave soldiers who are now amputees. Why do I even have to point that out?

This shit makes me mad enough to set kittens on fire.


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