Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Area Gay Man Not to be Questioned About Brokeback Mountain

I'm at this get-together last night, and the subject falls to the Globes and Brokeback Mountain. I mentioned that I loved how each of the sex scenes were played with a roughness, either a primal or a playful sort, and that they actually do kick each other's ass at one point. I had gone into the movie afraid that they'd skimp on the sex, or make it so dilute so as not to offend, but instead there was a real energy to it, with all the layers of rage, lust, sadness and joy in place.
This kid in a plum shirt and tie pipes up, "I have to disagree," he said. "I found that the movie did nothing but perpetuate the myth that gay men are predatory."


"Wow," I said, "I didn't catch that at all."

"Well, that's how I see it as a gay man."

Look. There are a lot of situations I wouldn't step in and say I knew a damn thing about, like, say, living in Baghdad or only having one arm. But I don't need a gay guy to trump my perfectly good opinion, like it should be obvious to me that only gay men understand how gay men are portrayed in movies.

Turns out, his opinion was shared, albeit unintentionally, by Gene Shalit, who used the term 'sexual preditor' to describe the character of Jack Twist. He later apologized for the comment, intending only to speak about the one character and not of gay men in general.


Blogger Mascorrolandia said...

How I love it when people get all territorial over their milieu. Oh, so that's how YOU see it - OK, conversation's over! Thanks for enlightening me, honey. Feel better now? Want a cookie?

Sounds like someone needed a hefty serving of "Bitch, please!"

Ken Burns was showered with the same kind of "Waaaah! Waaaah!" shit when he did that documentary on Jack Johnson, though. So you're in good company.

4:44 PM  
Blogger Water into Wino said...

Damn, good thing you didn't bad mouth Cher...lol. Meanwhile I'm about to poor half a bottle of nearly undrinkable wine out...which wouldn't be that big of a deal if I hadn't schlept it around Manhattan for 8 hours today.

7:44 PM  

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