Sunday, December 11, 2005

Preparing to take the Leap

The encouragement for my trip, henceforth known as The Cork and Demon Western Wine Tour Hootenany 2006 (C&D Wine Tour, for short), has been overwhelming. To know that others do not think I've gone absolutely batshite is a tremendous comfort. Especially since I'm not sure myself that I haven't.

One clue that I'm still on the sane side of the fence is my timetable for departure. The meticulous planning for such a trip on it's own is a load; beginning the process during the holidays and smack-dab in the middle of a marital separation is, as the French say, le fardeau du merde.

The French don't really say that. But you get what I mean.

The official departure date is March 1st, 2006. By that time, I will have acheived the following:

1) Spent a weekend with my husband's family. Maybe the last visit for a very long time. If I ever see them again.

2) Spent the first Christmas day away from him since we were married.

3) Settled the issue of our house, and who will live in it while I'm gone. Who will take care of my cats while I'm gone.

4)Made a list of the wineries, wine shops, and other enotech destinations, and plotted a route, and rooms, accordingly, from West Texas to Vancouver.

5) Put my financial affairs in order. Not like I'm dying or anything, but it's a load of my mind if everything's squared away.

6) Buy Pepper Spray, to defend myself. I was gonna get one of those little pearl-handled guns a lady can put in her garter belt, but garters make me look fat.

God, why can't I be 21 again? I could just pile a bunch of wadded up clothes into the banana yellow Vanagon and be on my way? Delayed gratification is so bogus!

And then again, it's not. Planning for this trip is part of the journey, part of the whole point of doing this: to see once and for all that, if I take the helm of my own life, I will not run aground. This hasn't always been the easiest thing for me to trust. Beyond the writing experience, the people I meet, the opportunities I discover, the stuff I learn and the country I see, this excursion is most of all about my trusting myself.

So, aren't you dying to know if I can pull it off?

Here's the way I'll set it up: this site, Cocktails with the Noonday Demon, will be my place to chronicle how this trip (and until then, it's preparation) is going for me, the things I figure out along the way about myself and the world, and any catty shit I have to say about people I meet. The Cork and Demon will house all the wine reviews, interviews, winery info and photos of vineyard dogs with big, cute eyes. That way, you can stick to one side of the story or another. I, of course, recommend keeping up with both.


Blogger Isabel said...

Best of luck. I am looking forward to reading all about it.

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