Saturday, July 02, 2005

Waiting for Photo

I thought that now, since blogger will download images, I'd take the time to shamelessly display some of the animals I know everyone is pissing themselves to see.

Problem is, blogger is a tad slow in the uploading process as of yet, and I'm getting restless. I'll continue to blog until the photo shows up, and hopefully ease the tedium of waiting.

DAY ONE: I don't blame blogger for taking so long. After all, this is a new thing, and it's probably being used by a bazillion bloggers at once. I can wait patiently.

DAY TWO: My spirits are still up, although this is definitely a test of will. Haven't left the bed yet, as I'm afraid I'll miss the publishing of my first photo (by blogger). I will wait.

DAY THREE: Some people might not understand my vigil, and would certainly criticize me for losing my job and laying in my own filth, just for a photo. But it is they who are the the losers, with nothing good enough to wait for.

DAY FOUR: Feeling weak. hanen't eaten. huband left today, took cats to anmal shlter.

DAY FIVE: Okay, fuck this. The world will just have to wait to see how precious my cats are. Sorry to disappoint.


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