Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Cocktails with the Noonday Demon

One cannot live by wine alone. One also needs food, shelter, and a place to allow one's demons to express themselves. This is the blog I moved from the earthlink location (trellis site builder sucks), and will continue to be my little corner to post my personal whatnots.

The title of this blog comes from Andrew Solomon's book The Noonday Demon: An Atlas of Depression. In it, he charts his own personal struggle side by side with cultural and scientific data. It's a great book. But I decided to rip off the image of the Noonday Demon, because I know this animal quite well. I have had what I thought were hoardes of them, stomping around in my head, only to find, finally, that there's really only one rather large sonofabitch up there, sulky and puffy and petulant. After years of struggle, I realized that I fared better with this beast when, rather than fighting it, I invited it to take a load off and explain what it wanted from me. This meeting always went better over a nice gin and tonic with extra lime.

Cheers to all...


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