Tuesday, May 31, 2005


This site is a perfect example of why I love blogging and checking out what others have done. As you scroll through the creative confessions, you might occassionally be tempted to dismiss them as the whimsy of some frustrated art student, but not for long, as they begin to resonate with little dark chunks of your own mind. I dare you to spend an hour with these and avoid thinking about that one nasty thing you need to confess.

As I went through my own secrets, I found myself thinking, "ooh, that one would make a cool postcard," until I was reminded of a nasty one that still, to this day, makes me feel like a monster. I don't even want to think about it any more, right now, let alone design a postcard around it. The confessions that jolted me the most were cards that bore just such a secret.



Blogger Mascorrolandia said...

I heard the All Things Considered piece on this and laughed my ass off. The best one I heard was, "Jack In The Box really freaks me out."

Can't wait to send one in!

9:17 AM  

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