Thursday, November 03, 2005

Ten Things that hurt about separation

10. There is no one to bring me my coffee, or to bitch to about the sugar level.
9. Wondering if he didn't kiss me goodbye because he wasn't sure he was allowed to.
8. Watching movies in the evening together like always, except afterwards, he leaves.
7. Not fighting about who gets what.
6. Dismantling the 'perfect couple' image we were so good at.
5. "I love you" and "Fuck off and die" occupying the same space simultaneously.
4. The lingering fear that I am too intense for anyone to handle.
3. It is impossible to stay angry at him. Why does he have to be such a goddamned nice guy?
2. His car in the parking lot of an apartment complex instead of our driveway.
1. Wanting you gone so I can miss you.


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